Canoga Hotel

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Aug. 2022



Aug. 2022






2.5 miles from the hotel. Welcome Brahmas Students, Faculty, & Visitors

Located just 2.5 miles away, Canoga Hotel is the ideal hotel for students, potential students, alumni, faculty, or visitors to Pierce College. A community college, Pierce College serves more than 23,000 students in Woodland Hills. Opened in 1947, Pierce College is known for its agricultural and veterinary study. Pierce College offers courses on more than 100 subjects in 92 academic disciplines and has transfer alliances with most of the universities in the state. Students at the school successfully transfer to UC and CSU schools. Students can pursue any of the 44 associate’s degrees or 78 Certificates of Achievement the school offers directly. Pierce College comprises 426 acres (172 ha) amidst a dense metropolis, an area larger than many university campuses, including that of UCLA. The grounds are landscaped with more than 2,200 trees, thousands of roses and a 1.9-acre (0.77 ha) botanical garden. The Pierce College farm houses small herds of cattle, sheep, goats, a small poultry flock, as well as a llama and an alpaca for its students to learn from.